We are in a global world but it is easy to ignore it, we live our life like its only us on the plant in the whole universe. But, there are few that are starting to wake up, to be more aware of it, that our world is under globalization change that is raising in the last 100 years. Do people start to ask themselves why? How? What is the meaning of all of it, what is the meaning of what happening now…

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At this stage, we can view all kind of people… One kind is the ones that starting to break the normal and find a new way to hold the situation. The second kind is the one that just letting our world going in his own way… But ignore the fundamental laws of nature.

Today we consider only 4 fundamental laws of nature as science defined it. 
1. Gravity, 2. Electromagnetism, 3. Weak and 4. Strong nuclear force.

When we are talking about laws of nature we are usually ignoring the real fundamental laws that guide us around. The laws of human connection, human bonding and the law of love. We consider them as social laws, that we do not have to follow all the time, that we can choose when to and when not. But do not mistake those are the laws that move us that make everything we do and have possible. Everything that the humankind achieve until today started with human connection then lead to bonding and creativity. Those are the laws that create everything as we know it today.

We need to consider our universe as a living system like the human body, as in biology. and it is on us to build and achieve Homeostasis to be able to maintain the life here.

So what is the meaning in life? 
Its simple to reach it and it simple to do it, it is only us that complicate everything and can not believe it is that simple. the meaning of life is to create a human connection, to bond with others, to establish relationships from all kinds that build on love, giving and sharing.

Connection and bonding with others can be achieved only through giving and sharing with others. Sharing your gift.

What is your gift you ask? again it is simple. Your gift is you! 
You are a gift for the whole of humanity. who me? YES!!! you are!! 
There is a reason we are all different and unique. It has a purpose, we are like this that we will share with each other our gift. By giving an sharing your gift I mean to give without any interest, without any expectation to get something back. If you do, it is called manipulation this is not giving your gift. Giving your gift is free! No money in return, no like on Facebook or Instagram, not even feeling or waiting for a thank you card. A gift is a gift when you give it without waiting to get something back. By sharing your gift with others we create bonding between us, and together, we create human connection a strong bond that would give us what it is needed that we can build a society, a company or anything else we want. We just need to start and develop our human connection. This is why we can see that everyone, all the people are seeking to build a strong networking. If it is in our working environment. For example in startups the people know that they need to care for the worker, so they take everyone for team building sessions every quarter, or create happy nights, they do whatever it takes to develop a human connection between them. they know when they are uniting their product will be better and also the customer will feel different. If it is an entrepreneur that wants to reach his goal know he needs to create more followers, costumes etc, so he knows he must work on the human level and develop a relationship with people. And those are just a simple example. We create human connection all the time. If we want it or not, if we aware of it or we choose to ignore it. we have a connection with our mailman, with our bank teller and basically, with each person, I meet during our day, during our life. We love to have a big circle of friends like we can see on Facebook. Why is that? It is only because it is our nature. We build to look for a connection. it is what empower us, give us joy, security, and happiness. In short, it makes us feel good, feels alive.

Human connection is what lead us to finish wars, (negotiation).
it is what encourages us to take an action to create relationships
create life.

it is all human connection!

and this is the meaning of life.