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The response I’ve been getting to my articles about mentoring designers — linked at the bottom, in case you missed them — has been unexpected. I’m humbled by all the responses I’ve been getting, from “this is really great,” to “I wish ALL hiring managers thought this way,” to “YAAAAS…

A designer on LinkedIn asked me this question recently, and I thought it would be valuable to share our exchange out to others who may find themselves in a similar situation (names, locations, and pronouns redacted).

“What do you do when your boss doesn’t care about the research, like personas…

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I live on an island.

Not in the metaphorical or transcendental sense.

I actually live on a fucking island.

Bainbridge Island is a quaint little rock 35 minutes across the water from downtown Seattle. If you’ve never visited Seattle, you should. …

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Getting a “no-hire” decision from a potential employer is rough on any job candidate. But given their tendency to be emotionally invested in their work and their chosen profession, it can be particularly disheartening for designers.

To make matters worse, many companies have nondisclosure policies regarding candidate feedback — we’ve…

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Seattle, May 1991: Grunge was the thing, radio station 107.7 KNDD had just launched, and a fresh-faced designer-wannabe was in town for the summer.

I’d recently changed my undergrad major from architecture (because math was hard and my handwriting sucked) to graphic design, and I was looking to act on…

Musings on why we should stop calling ourselves hybrids.

Picture if you will, a conference room on Microsoft campus, circa 2006.

A designer sits in a team meeting, discussing a project with the PM and the Dev. After listening to the dev say things like “it can’t be done that…

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As the father of a young child, I bear daily witness to the value and joys of play. I watch my son navigate his world in the purest ways — he looks, touches, pushes, pulls, builds, breaks, throws, and drops… everything.

It’s part of his process, his method for learning…

Drory Ben-Menachem

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