16 ways to dead-end your UX career

Drory Ben-Menachem
Feb 19, 2015 · 1 min read

This is a brief list of some of the “don’t ever do this” advice I’ve received from various mentors over the years. Feel free to add yours to this list.

  1. Fluff your resume.
  2. Have a portfolio that shows only finished work.
  3. Ignore LinkedIn, or worse, treat it like Facebook.
  4. Refuse to practice for interviews.
  5. Treat UI and UX as interchangeable terms.
  6. Disrespect other disciplines.
  7. Be deathly afraid of failure.
  8. Have no opinions. About anything.
  9. Emotionally over-invest in your work.
  10. Care too much about what people think of you.
  11. Don’t challenge conventions. Especially yours.
  12. Don’t read. Anything.
  13. Forget how to use pen(cil) and paper.
  14. Don’t be curious. About anything.
  15. Stop learning.
  16. Don’t dream about the future.
  17. Gloss over details.

Originally published at www.linkedin.com on February 13, 2015.

    Drory Ben-Menachem

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