The Best Trick to Learn a New Language

As a language enthusiast myself, I’ve always made efforts on how I can be able to know and learn as much knowledge as I can about a particular language. Being so obsessed with it, I’ve downloaded several language-learning apps on my phone that I thought would help.(some of them did help)

I’ve been through all the struggles a learner encounters along the way just to realize that ‘immersion’, as experts call it, is the best way to learn and be fluent, or the have the ability to understand.

Everything started when I began interacting and socialising with the native speakers of my target language. I found out that hearing words repeatedly is the most convenient way to know its meaning and use. I’m one of tge people who are lucky enough to have a multicultural and multilingual environment, from which I’ve learned an incomparable amount of knowledge and in depth comprehension. Hearing their own language being spoken all day every day has truly given me the chance to grasp as much as my beginner mind could handle.

There were times when I found myself being able to fully ( if not partially) understand a casual conversation of my classmates. Being with native speakers and being immersed in their language has really helped me. I like how easily and quickly I picked up new and complicated grammar rules such as conjugations. I’m now able to understand conversations and questions which seemed too difficult for me back then. I’m able to do all these with only minimum writing and reading, and focusing more on listening. I advise language learners to keep themselves surrounded by native speakers and never get tired of asking questions. This could be a big step forward on your journey.

Having enough knowledge about the alphabet of the language (in my case, it’s Arabic) could also be a tool in learning words and sentences easier.

I’m not trying to say that you should stop making efforts such as reading or memorising. All this article wants to say is that things could get smoother with the help of native speakers around you.

This may not be the same for all, just like my classmate who barely learned new words even after months of immersion. We all learn things differently and we all have our unique ways of being good at something. The secret is never stop trying new learning methods.

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