Why Writing Poems Is Fun

Writing has always been one of my passions, especially poetry writing.

Don’t you just get that feeling of joy right after typing down the last word of your poem? Or when you are rereading all those words that you have written down on your phone, or on your notes.

They are the words that had been waiting too long ago to be spat out. They reflect your emotions, thoughts, and ideas and seeing them written on a paper is like seeing who you are, or rediscovering a part of you. It’s like looking in a mirror,not to see your physical appearance ,but to have a perception of yourself from within.

It’s a concise yet powerful group of words arranged in lines that tell a story, it tells something more than just the moon, the stars , the wind. These words are but the surface of a different dimension that lies behind it. That is why various interpretations are made out of just one poem.

And that’s what makes writing one even more exciting, you write the words that conceal something bigger. It’s like you’re making your own mystery.

Writing a poem is like making a puzzle, a puzzle of words to create an exegesis of a part of yourself.

It also connects you to the other sides of you that you have never seen. It awakens your senses not simply to the physical world but to the more spiritual and emotional one.

Thank you for reading. Please recommend for others to see.