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Depends who raised who and how. Sadly, I will say this, your education was worse than mine if you went to public school. Millenials/GenX got a good heavy dose of institutionalized indoctrination. Chances are you were a latch key kid (if lower economic) or day care/nanny if wealthy. You were raised by low paid child care workers, that is, unless you were really lucky and got a stay at home mom. Oh I’m a Gen X/Boomer cusp, just young enough to miss all the boomer benefits, and 1963 means we are mid 50s now. We also have to suffer with age discrimination at younger ages (40 is now “old”) while looking at a greater life expectancy. The middle aged and older are laid off and jobs are not given to US millennials, but offshored to Indian millennials. Blame Harvard Business School for that, and paid off politicians, not older folks trying to make a living. As for Hollywood, I could give a rats ass about Hollywood. Hollywood has always been about the young and the pretty, that’s just the USA culture and business. Hollywood panders to the young because they are a target market that is in acquisition mode, oh the advert and consumer studies on “establishing brand loyalty through indoctrination and brand preference” would toast your avocados so to speak. On a whole the public has been so indoctrinated from day one, I wonder if our thoughts are really our own.

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