I saw so many millennials swearing that Trump would drive us to revolt and then everything would be…
Eve Moran

Great reply, because I remember dial up modems racing away at a stunning 56Kb/s. It seems the younger folks cannot fathom a life without being tethered to tech at 10Mb/s or more! I’m an engineer and I helped create all that tech so I get it. But the difference from a rotary land line phone to a palm computer/TV/phone/camera/email/text system/100+ apps and more powerful than a PC from 5 years ago is a huge leap.

In terms of political discourse, there was only a handful of channels for TV news and people read the papers- all this information was filtered by various interests. Rebuttals were “letters to the editor” and not via email! Now with alt media, we get more truth in the news and quicker, and sometimes shocking discoveries. Yet the young seem to assume we grew up with all this instant tech, but the fact of life is we might has well been born in the 1890s informationally. Heck I was just hoping and praying for equal rights back in the day being one of the first female engineering students at my school. It is disheartening that sometimes there is just no understanding, or empathy, or patience. All driven by instant information gratification.

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