Millennials Bad
kelly catchpole

I don’t understand this article therefore as a writer you failed to convey your idea to an audience unfamiliar to your terminology. Doing such a style of writing comes across as a form of elitism. The same as a writer who uses too much French or Latin to express their ideas to a general audience. Rule 1- define your acronyms. Rule 2- define your slang. I do know the term brunch, but it was “invented” by “yuppies” (def- young urban professional people in expensive suits (or employed situations)) in the 1980s. Millennials are not necessarily bad, but they are a product of their times and upbringing as are all generations. They have also been shafted of a good and honest public education.

It is a sad fact that society classifies us into ageist strata for no other reason than to boil the lot of us down to the essence of marketing data.

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