Why Gen X Is So Pissed at Millennials
John McDermott

“ Other Gen-Xers resent millennials’ willingness to work longer hours for less money and thus depressing wages in the workforce.”

The above statement is NOT a generational one. In the competitive job market, companies expect 24X7 contact. Americans do not take all their vacation. Why? Job competition. If every salaried employee at work ONLY worked their 40 hours, with some exception, the hourly wage would rise on paper. Also, the reason for losing a job, DESPITE your generation, is economic globalization. The fact of the matter is if you are white collar and salaried, there is an Indian, Philipino, Eastern European, who is just as educated and hardworking as you are, BUT they work for half the pay, AND they are essentially tax free. Tax free as in no FICA, Medicate, state employer costs.

So I am a very late tail end boomer or very early Gen Xer, and I’ve lost my job because I was 2 years from retirement and the fact my large corporate employer has been increasing the percentage of offshore tech from 20% of a work group to 50% and higher for the last 5 years. They will continue to fire workers for the next three years.

It isn’t milennials causing the job loss, it’s government policy of keeping jobs for Americans. Also, to all the younger folks out there. The job bleeding has been going on since the 1990s, and was started by some harvard ahole who invented the term” rightsizing”. The implied corporate-employee contract has been dead for 20 years, so understand there is NO SUCH THING AS SECURE EMPLOYMENT for the majority of W2 work-a-day folks.

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