At 26 Forrest Adventures Don’t Get Old

Me climbing “Once Upon A Time” Photo by the hommie, Albert Cheng

With a crackling fire at my face and stars above my head, I took a moment to let the past 24 hrs sink in; all the nose-crinkled laughs, the climbing scratches and bruises, the light-hearted wandering, the unfiltered conversations, and new life episodes. Thinking about it all, I sank a little deeper into my camping chair, inhaled fuller, and took a smiling pull of my favorite whiskey.

This weekend I turned 26 and I couldn’t be happier that I was spending it with friends and strangers alike who were down to join me along for the ride.

I am an outdoor enthusiast. I prefer a trail head over a TV screen, I would choose nature’s soundscapes over an A-list celebrity concert, and I think it’s more fun to live out the adventure you see in movies then to sit on a couch and watch it happen. Simply, I enjoy being outdoors.

So when it came to celebrate another year of life, where else better to go then to the place that you feel most comfortable, while doing the things that make you feel most alive (when things are black and white, it’s not hard to make a decision) camping and climbing with your friends.

Boulder Basin Campground rests high in the San Bernadino Mountains. It’s tucked away, removed from power lines, street lights, wi-fi and the stresses that come with handheld devices.

Nowadays, all too often, I see a groups out to dinner and everyone is glued to their tiny phone screens. Checking email, texts, the score of the game, the photos their friends are posting; doing just about everything but living out the reality that is right in front of them.

When you’re head down, you miss the pleasures of each other’s company, the human connection, and the experiences that never will unfold.

Here at Boulder Basin, you’re fully immersed, whether you like it or not.

My friends are a cast of characters, and each weekend together is another adventure in it’s own right. These past 24-hours have been filled with awkward dance moves, trail shortcuts that become longcuts, corny puns, climbing scrapes and bruises, strong hugs, passionate laughs, and tons of cold beers that hurt so good.

These are the moments that make me and my years. These are the moments I am appreciative for.

I’m not going to make any promises, or lay out any big goals for this next year, but I do ask my future self to continue to live, continue to write, and continue to be a kick-ass friend.

People get busy and life happens, but if this is something I truly care about now and for the year to come, I’ll make it happen. I aim to continue to live with intention, to do things that are meaningful to me no matter how old I get, no matter who’s sitting around the campfire, and no matter how many twinkling stars are staring back at me. This is my time, this is my year.