The basics of machine learning and how to apply it to the products you are building right now.

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There is an ongoing debate about whether or not designers should write code. Wherever you fall on this issue, most people would agree that designers should know about code. This helps designers understand constraints and empathize with developers. It also allows designers to think outside of the pixel perfect box when problem solving. For the same reasons, designers should know about machine learning.

Put simply, machine learning is a “field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed” (Arthur Samuel, 1959). Even though Arthur Samuel coined the term over fifty years ago, only recently have…

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I firmly believe that when you’re doing something you want to be doing you have nearly unlimited energy. This was how I wanted to feel about my courses. I wanted to wake up everyday and look forward to class instead of counting down the minutes until they ended.

It’s for that reason I am studying Product Design & Software Innovation — a major that I designed. I had the opportunity to design my own major through the Individual Studies Program (IVSP) that is offered through UMD’s Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Process Overview

IVSP works with students to help them design an academic…

Sam Drozdov

Digital Product Designer

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