Dr. Paul C Drago Is Known For Effective Treatments of Health Problems

A totally amend head and neck physician Dr. Paul C Drago who has finished his clinical degree from Ohio nation university offer powerful remedies. One of the top surgeons who have been there for 30 years now has also given many presentations thru the compass of his activity and made requisite efforts to offer a higher the next day. Irrespective of the squirming instances, he makes positive the fine of the remedies is provided to the patients.

Dr. Paul C Drago

Dr. Paul C Drago has additionally proved his expertise in plastic surgical operation and is currently serving as clinical director and Otolaryngology consultant for the department of correction in South Carolina.

Dr. Paul C Drago, MD

Present day technology and remedies supplied through him ensures alleviation from sinus and allergic reaction issues. Dr. Paul C Drago, MD is a professional medical doctor in cosmetic surgical operation, facial plastic and reconstructive surgical treatment. His duties at Hampton medical middle, South Carolina includes supplying routing scientific services, long time sickness care and emergency treatment.

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