Dr. Paul C Drago Voted Best Otolaryngologist in Greenville

In a current overview given to sensitivity sufferers and different patients beset by ear, nose and throat issues, it was uncovered that Dr. Paul Drago positioned higher than whatever other ENT master in the condition of South Carolina. Dr. Drago, who got his Doctor of Medicine from Ohio State University College of Medicine before serving an entry level position as a rule surgery and a residency in otolaryngology at New Haven Hospital, has been honing as a board confirmed Otolaryngologist for more than 20 years.

The individuals who were surveyed positioned Dr. Drago most astounding in the zones of aggregate hold up time, level of trust in supplier’s choices, time went through with patient and invitingness and kindness. However, maybe the most noteworthy finding of the review is the high caliber of care Dr. Drago gives to his patients.

Dr. Drago is famous for using the most recent mechanical and medicinal advancements to treat his patients. For example, rather than depending on conventional hypersensitivity treatment strategies, Dr. Drago’s techniques are both not so much meddling but rather more successful. They’re additionally altogether less expensive. As expressed by one of his previous patients: “I was told this technique was utilized by just a single other practice in the state. It is less demanding on the body, less expensive and more viable than customary treatment.”

Members likewise noticed that Dr. Drago is an exceedingly enhanced doctor, talented in various regions. A pioneer in his field, Paul Drago MD has been welcome to convey introductions on a wide assortment of subjects, a considerable lot of which before prestigious associations, for example, the American Rhinological Association, the Lancaster Medical Society and the New York State Department of Social Services. Dr. Paul Drago is likewise known to take to the wireless transmissions, talking finally about medicinal points on South Carolina radio communicates.

Most importantly, patients acknowledge Dr. Drago’s warm, welcoming identity and unparalleled persistence — characteristics that have tragically turned out to be progressively uncommon among today’s restorative experts. Every patient question are replied in a polite and opportune way, and courses of treatment are commonly settled upon.

About Dr. Paul C Drago:

Dr. Paul C Drago right now goes about as a Medical Director and Otolaryngology Consultant at the South Carolina Department of Corrections. He holds board confirmations from the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and the American Academy of ENT Allergy.

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