Why Does Kidney Transplant Doctor Suggest You For Kidney Transplant Procedure Over Dialysis?

It is regardless to say that kidneys are one of the extremely important organ in our body. It is responsible for several important functions in our body that is quite essential for our health as well as our life. In fact, the health of our kidneys significantly determines the health of your whole body. However, at times, due to certain lifestyle habit and other outside factors may impair jeopardize the condition and function of our kidney, so much so that you might require a kidney transplant procedure, which is effectively conducted these days by the best kidney transplantation doctor in Delhi NCR.

Why do kidney transplanted needed?

According to an eminent kidney transplant doctor, “ Chronic kidney disease or kidney failure does transpire overnight. It gradually approaches to a grave condition when the small symptoms of its deterioration is prominently overlooked to a long duration.” The health of our kidneys is extremely important because they are responsible for filtering our blood and removing waste from our body. No wonder they filter about 45 gallons of blood every day. Hence, when they stop working, these wastes and fluids build up in our body, which may lead to many health issues in our body and if the condition prevails consistently, it prompts kidney failure as well. In this condition you either need a kidney transplant that replaces your diseased kidney with the a healthy kidney receives from a donor, or you can start dialysis.

Dialysis or kidney transplant — which one is better?

The kidney transplant doctor usually prefers kidney transplant over dialysis, especially at the end-stage renal disease. According to the doctor, kidney transplant is an optimal treatment for most patients, who do not have any major reasons to be not eligible for the kidney transplant procedure. In fact, if you are not eligible for kidney transplant procedure due to any reason or an individual who waits for an appropriate kidney donor, can usually be treated with dialysis process.

Why does kidney doctor prefer kidney transplant?

If you consult the best kidney transplantation doctor in Delhi NCR, they simply ask you to go for kidney transplant, rather than embracing dialysis process. The simple reason for choosing a kidney transplant over other options, is the fact that people who gets transplants generally live longer and better life than those who get dialysis.

For instance, for an adult who is relatively 30 years old have prominent chances of living another 10 to 15 years with the help of dialysis process. While, on the other hand, the patient who receives a kidney transplant can extend is life nearly 30–35 years. You can clearly see the a huge difference in life expectancy in both the treatment procedure. This is the basic reason why kidney transplant doctor will suggest you to choose for kidney transplant over dialysis.

By and large, the kidney transplant provides a better option for you. Moreover, with the help of several latest techniques, kidney transplant doctors more effective perform the kidney transplantation procedure more effectively and successfully.