High risk pregnancy specialist in Dubai

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most thrilling and exciting phase in a woman’s life that can be cherished forever. The memories created in this period remain with her for lifetime because such beautiful moments never come back. When a woman is pregnant, there are many doubts and confusion related to her health and in such situation she needs an experienced & skilled gynaecologist cum obstetrician to answer all her queries. She is generally worried about making some lifestyle changes and extra care that she now needs to take care of for healthy well-being.

Usually a normal pregnancy doesn’t require any kind of bed rest and the female can continue with her regular routine just with little care. But in case of high risk pregnancy, the scenario is quite different and the woman needs to be extra cautious to avoid any problems in her delivery. She should be aware of all the facts related to high risk pregnancy and learn to handle the situation so that things become easier for her. High risk pregnancy specialist in Dubai should be referred in such conditions to cope with the difficult period of pregnancy, labor and postpartum period with ease.

One may suffer from high risk pregnancy because of some per-existing medical conditions that seem to have increased with pregnancy like diabetes, high BP, heart problems, cancer, kidney diseases, thyroid, obesity, being underweight and previous miscarriage or still childbirth. However, age factor is also responsible for high risk pregnancy in some cases. Women over the age of 35 years may face problems that are of high risk during their pregnancy. But this is not necessary that every woman aged 35 or above would face such medical conditions. At times, lifestyle, choice of food intake, exposure to certain chemical may pose a risk for pregnant females. Therefore, it s always recommended to make regular visits to high risk pregnancy specialist in Dubai in order to avoid major troubles to you and your fetus health. The medical specialist will perform tests on regular basis to check the status of your fetus growth and ensure there is no abnormality in its condition.

Various stages of pregnancy require utmost care to be taken for the well-being of both mother and baby. Therefore, special attention should be given on your diet and health. Proper rest and stress-free life should be maintained. High risk pregnancy specialist in Dubai will direct you on these guidelines so that you can be well prepared to handle emergencies with ease.

Dr. Preeti Tandon is an extremely qualified and skilled medical specialist who can handle high risk pregnancies with great care and gives maximum successful outcome.

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