My iPhone takes Forever To Charge! Do You Fix This?

From our experience, this is likely either a battery issue or the actual charging port hardware may need to be replaced. Our best advice is to bring your phone into our Mississauga location and we can preform a free diagnostic to pinpoint the issue before repairing it. Either way, both battery replacement or charging port repair are relatively inexpensive and can both be completed in 20 minutes while you wait — so no need to go without your phone for hours or days on end.

Can A Completely Smashed iPhone Screen Be Fixed?

Whether your iPhone screen has a small hairline crack or has literally been run over by a car, we can definitely get it back in working condition. The entire front display will be replaced by our technicians and if needed, the housing can be either replaced or bent back into shape (whatever is a better option for you). We install high quality OEM LCD/digitizer combinations that can be installed on the spot in as little as 25 minutes. Even if your screen displays content but there is a crack, we still opt to install the LCD/digitizer combination.

Apple has made their front displays one entire unit, ever since the release of the iPhone 4S. The LCD is married with the digitizer so it keeps out moisture, air bubbles and even dust particles. We’ve done tons of research and test to find the highest quality, most durable screens from overseas and offer them for installation in Mississauga. Don’t be fooled by lower price replica’s. All it takes is one small air bubble and you’ll find yourself looking at another $80–100+ for a screen repair. Avoid this hassle and get it done right the first time.

What determines the current iPhone repair prices in Mississauga?

For newer devices, the supply of higher quality replacement parts is relatively low, so prices are higher until demand and supply rise. However you’ll notice that iPhone 4/4S and even 5 prices have been dropping steadily as they become more popular and demand rises. We strive to keep our prices as competitive and reasonable as possible while maintaining stellar service and convenience. If you have any questions or simply want to confirm the pricing for your specific issue, feel free to contact us. Finally, we are glad to offer discounts on multiple repairs on the same device or even multiple devices period.

What about iPad repair?

We can definitely fix any iPad cracked glass issues you might be having, however the process is a bit different than an iPhone. While we do carry the parts in stock, the repair process itself is more labor intensive and thus we would need at least 12 hours to sufficiently repair any cracked or smashed LCD/glass portions of your iPad. The main reason for this is the LCD and glass are actually separate, unlike the iPhone, and are held together with a unique adhesive. Once removed and reset, this adhesive takes at least 6 hours to set under heavy clamps. While we can obviously let you have the device in less than 6 hours, we would discourage this as we don’t want any excessive damage in the future due to the adhesive peeling or cracking.

via DR iPhone Repair

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