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Before getting into the actual text I want to clarify that this is my entry for the #smarterwithlenovo campaign from Lenovo.

Despite participating in the campaign I’m neither getting paid nor is Lenovo influencing anything I create under the motto “How technology makes your life better”. I’m merely using this as a platform to tell a story important to me and create awareness towards an important and current topic.

Got it? Perfect, now let’s get to the point.

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Sonicfox congratulates his friend and rival Goichi after losing the EVO 2019 DBZ Fighter Z Grandfinals. Copyright by Evo 2019.

In the midst of the peak of Fighting Game competition, another discussion around games and gun violence occured. I don’t have to address the fact that, we all play games. Kids, teenagers and adults play Video Games all over the world and the only country with constant gun violence problems is still America. Instead of debating what is right and wrong here, I think the best is to share some of my journey with Gaming and Esports through my life. …

Apesar de não morar no Brasil, esse final de semana eu vou votar. Não em quem eu gostaria, mas em quem eu infelizmente tenho que.
Mas quem sou eu para falar algo, né? Sou branco, privilegiado, classe média alta e ainda nem moro mais no país. Quem sou eu pra saber o que realmente está acontecendo no país? E de fato, eu realmente não sei, mas eu quero te contar o porquê eu estou votando MESMO assim e quero que você pense bem em quem você vai votar neste segundo turno.

Desde os 8 anos de idade eu moro na Alemanha. Por ser branco, todo mundo acha que eu sou russo, polonês ou qualquer outra coisa - menos Brasileiro. …

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Courtesy of Slingshot Esports

November 2017, the esports website Slingshot Esports has ceased operations.

A site I worked with for a long time as a freelancer in order to cover and write about European League of Legends. Slingshot was a site that invests in talent, it invested in people they thought it was worth investing. I wouldn’t be able to call it my job today without Slingshot offering me this opportunity.

Everybody needs a place to start like for me and many others, Slingshot was that place. Despite a lot of the community seeming to dislike it, the site was successful and valued quality before anything else. …

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