Why Slingshot Esports mattered.

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Courtesy of Slingshot Esports

November 2017, the esports website Slingshot Esports has ceased operations.

A site I worked with for a long time as a freelancer in order to cover and write about European League of Legends. Slingshot was a site that invests in talent, it invested in people they thought it was worth investing. I wouldn’t be able to call it my job today without Slingshot offering me this opportunity.

Everybody needs a place to start like for me and many others, Slingshot was that place. Despite a lot of the community seeming to dislike it, the site was successful and valued quality before anything else. Trust me Vince wasn’t an editor that was easily satisfied.

Even though a talented crew of writers and with a decent amount of traffic they weren’t unable to transcend their overall success to financial success. It is sad that ad revenue is sadly not enough due to ad block use. This needs to be a wake-up call.

How much esport content or how many sites do you active follow?

Have you ever thought about at least whitelisting the sites you like and consume the content on a daily/weekly basis?

It won’t probably save them from the financial problems completely but it will help a lot in the long run. As a creator myself I actually don’t earn much from the ad revenue from my youtube or twitch channel, despite decent numbers. It helps but it can’t be my main source of income and I am lucky that I can earn my money through freelancing and coaching nowadays. I’m lucky that I can earn enough from something I love and still get a lot of jobs. However imagine a site that is trying to pay competitive full time salaries so these talented writers can continue to entertain you, inform you and simply share their opinions to those who care.

If you care about esports and the content creators in this field, think about supporting them by whitelisting their content source in your adblocker or investing 1, 2 or even 5 dollars a month on their patreon, so they can keep going. Otherwise what might happen is that the quality will start to drop out due to the lack of revenue and more and more click baiting content will rise. Or sites will start to consider to advertise more in order to stay alive.

We need quality journalism just as much as those that invest in new talent offering them space and time to grow and establish themselves as a writer.

So think about it when accessing your favorite site or content creator.

Slingshot Esports will be missed but not forgotten.

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League of Legends Coach & Freelance Content Creator/ Esports Consultant Currently living in Hamburg and studying to become a Filmmaker.

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