Why Some Of The Unexplained Infertility Is Explained During IVF

A significant number of couples face infertility issued due to unexplained reason. Even after a whole lot of diagnostic tests, they could not point out the reason behind infertility. Even though there is no apparent problem leading to infertility, many couple do not conceive even after trying for a long time. In such cases IVF is considered as the most viable options to help couples with unexplained infertility. Best IVF Specialist in Delhi offer you a world class IVF treatment option, so that you can have a child in spite of unexplained infertility.

IVF is one of the most successful methods of assisted reproduction. This is not only a treatment method, but also diagnose many unexplained reasons behind infertility. When couples consult an infertility specialist, they are asked to undergo a host of diagnostic tests to determine the cause behind the infertility. IVF specialist doctors in Delhi also offer diagnostic services to help you find the right cause and course of treatment for infertility. These diagnostic tests can find out major reasons behind infertility, but sometimes, there are some small underlying problem, which could not be identified with these tests. In case of unexplained infertility doctors go for IVF as it is considered to be the best treatment method in such case.

Couples with unexplained infertility have higher chances to conceive with IVF. It is often seen that subtle infertility causes are exposed during and IVF cycle and thus can be treated henceforth. Some women who have normal ovulation cycle and are producing good amount of eggs, may have problem with the quality of eggs. The quality of eggs may not be adequate for conceiving. Diagnostic tests cannot examine egg quality, whereas during egg retrieval in IVF, egg quality can be checked and in case of poor egg quality, egg donation can be used.

Some couples may exhibit poor embryo development after fertilization due to implantation issues or development issues. This problem can also be checked during an IVF cycle. Which can be treated once the problem has been found out. It is otherwise not possible to diagnose these subtle issues.

Thus IVF also facilitate diagnostic benefits for subtle infertility issues, which cannot be identified otherwise. Thus it also helps in treating these issues. Though all the problems cannot be answered by IVF, it is one of the most successful assisted reproduction method. Top IVF doctors in Delhi offer you with high end IVF services to get an answer to your unexplained infertility and realize your dream of having a baby.

Best IVF Specialist in Delhi can help you in controlling multiple pregnancy during IVF by controlling the number of embryos implanted. They also offer embryo preservation services, so that surplus embryos are not wasted can be used in other cycles. Couples can also go for embryo preservation in early age and with help of that can go for another pregnancy later, when they want. IVF is the best diagnostic and treatment option for unexplained infertility.

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