No Escape? Microsoft is About to Eat Apple for Lunch
Eric Elliott

“These were industries that have been mostly dominated by Apple.”

When is this HUGE myth going to be put to sleep?

Really. I’m a digital artist since the 90s, I am an executive today, and have worked on some of the top creative companies of over 1000 size, in a multitude of fields, from DTP, to Animation and VFX, to Web and Mobile design all the way to Games.

The vast majority of the creative industries, easily more than 70%, work on Windows PC. There is a very good reason why all major PC companies compete and constantly innovate on PC Workstations. The reason for that is because the most demanding 3D Designers, Animators, Architects, Industrial Designers, the very cream of the crop, with very few exceptions, work on a Windows PC.

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