Follow these traits & make yourself a millionaire in 2016 | ALCHEMIST mindset

ALCHEMIST mindset is an acronym I’ve come up with, to help people learn the most important habits to be successful in life:

ACTION: Take action irrespective of the fear of failure.
LEARN: Learn from every situation, whatever happens learn every day.
CONFIDENCE: Is the key to success.
HUSTLE: Whatever happens hustle, don’t quit ever.
ENTHUSIASM: Always stay positive & enthusiastic.
MAJESTIC DREAMERS: Think massively large thoughts.
INNOVATE: Whatever you do! Just Innov8, be different.
STRATEGICALLY PLAN: Have goals & plans & structure your every second. Time is not money, time is more important than money.
TINKER: Network with as many people as possible, Its the people who will take you to the top.

Dr Ritesh Malik
(Founder, Innov8 Coworking)

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