Why do celebrities use a coworking space? Hosting Kanan Gill at Innov8

Coworking is an upcoming trend in the metropolitan Indian Culture. So we know why the freelancers, startups, NGO’s, SME’s etc. go for coworking over building their own office:

  1. Cheaper than owning ones own office.
  2. No boundations or commitments with landlords.
  3. Community led engagements that helps in network expansion & business growth.
  4. Easier to have remote teams.
  5. Coworking makes work fun & Collaborative.

Its simple why most of them go for Coworking, but the question is why does a celebrity like Kanan Gill go for Coworking? Karan Gill, the founder of the Pretentious Movie Reviews

I was amazed to see, Kanan working with us at Innov8 on a Sunday morning. Though he’s based out of Bengaluru, he took a day pass to work out of Innov8.

Just in a casual conversation when I asked him, why do you need to be at a coworking space? He said, he loved Innov8’s ambience, the positive vibrations & the design of the workstations.

And that was the time I realised, that coworking isn’t only for startups, or freelancers, its for everyone who’s creating the work of their life. Everyone needs a thought space for Innovation, needs community & collaboration to revolutionise the way they work.

Work takes up a majority of a persons time.

We at Innov8, believe that everyone who’s passionate about his/her work should get a space which motivates them daily to be better than they were yesterday & to provide them the freedom to innovate & build a vibrant self sustainable community.

Though, Kanan was troubled by our coworkers, because he’s a very popular person! But then we asked him to shift to a private pod, where he couldn’t access the public. & thats where he worked for over 8 hours. Interacting with some for sometime I learnt 3 very good qualities of Kanan:

  1. Humility: A common trait in most of the celebrities, though was getting disturbed because everyone was poking him during his work, but he always greeted everyone with a smile & gave his time to each & every coworker at Innov8.
  2. Passion & Zeal: On a Sunday, working the whole day without taking a break is incredible.
  3. People Skills: A very soft spoken person, who respects everyone.

We thank celebrities like Kanan, who believe in the power of collaboration & coworking.

Dr Ritesh Malik
(Founder, Innov8)

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