Welcome to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” Future of Learning
Laura McClure

Technology has the potential to make education a much more personal experience. Our students have orders of magnitude more information now than decades ago, but they don’t seem to “know” more. While most people see technology as giving students access to more information, the real power is in getting more feedback. A library is lecture, but a school is a dialogue. Think of the AI from Her, but instead filled with the programing of a teacher. Imagine doing your homework, and being told immediately where you got the problem wrong, or writing an essay, and receiving immediate suggestions about your grammar. Imagine your history test is a conversation, that takes your responses and probes you for the limits of your understanding. A trigonometry lesson has your class going outside, with your AI helping you figure out how tall the flagpole is from the length of the shadow, all through a conversation. Even more, this AI could be a skilled intervention specialist, seeing the hints of learning disabilities, or providing encouragement when a student’s enthusiasm wanes.

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