President Obama is going to Cuba. Here’s why:
Ben Rhodes

A classmate of mine from NYU (during the 1960’s) visited Cuba in January of 2015. She and her husband had conversations with Cubans, who still believed in “Socialism,” but talked about the mistakes that had been made and the move away from State run centralized control to democratic, worker owned cooperatives, where people’s wages were three times what people, doing the same work, were making in the State run operations. Bernie Sanders talks about “Democratic Socialism.” We need to think hard about what that means and centralized versus decentralized systems.

It is time for both Cubans and Americans to think about what real Democracy means and how centralization impacts Democracy, whether it is the State or Global Corporate Monopolies. In America, six corporations control our media and a couple of companies control our Internet access. Our centralized media has led to the popularity of Donald Trump and our centralized control of the Internet had led to the US dropping from #1 in Internet Broadband access to around #30 behind the rest of the industrialized nations.

My friends had this to say about the video, of their trip to Cuba, linked below: “Cuba is decentralizing its economy, offloading state enterprises to private enterprise, but more importantly, to cooperatives, in the hope that these will become the locus of socialism and a driver of the economy.”