Dr Ron Virmani : Visit To Maasai-Mara National Reserve In Kenya

Maasai-Mara National Reserve is an extensive game reserve in Kenya that borders Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. It’s a popular destination for tourists who travel from different parts of the world to experience wonders of Mother Nature that exist in the reserve.

Ron Virmani told me about the place and encouraged me to visit it as soon as I could. I therefore made the necessary arrangements and travelled to Kenya.

Unforgettable Experience

Following the advice of Ron Virmani, I chose to travel to this great destination in July so as to witness the famous wildebeest migration. I stayed there for several weeks, during which I had an opportunity of witnessing wildebeests migrating from Serengeti-National Park in neighboring Tanzania to Maasai-Mara National Reserve/ The Mara in Kenya.

The annual event is popularly referred to as the Great Migration. It was recently classified as the Seventh Wonder of the World by Guinness Book of Records.

I had already learnt from Dr Ron Virmani that Maasai-Mara National Reserve is just a fraction of the larger Mara ecosystem which consists of 11 ranches; Koiyaki, Kimintet, Lemek, Oloirien, Ol Chorro Oiruwua, Kerinkani and Olkinyei, among others.

During my stay, I got an opportunity of seeing the Big Five; African lions, Black rhinoceros, African leopards, African Buffaloes and African elephants. Additionally, I saw Thomson’s gazelles, zebras, cheetahs, hyenas, jackals and bat-eared foxes.

Other tourists and I had to go all the way to some plains that are found between Esoit-Siria Escarpment and River Mara in order to see the above-named animals. This is because most of them are only found in that location.

Another experience that may remain in my memory for many years was when our group (of tourists) visited River Talek and River Mara. We came across several Nile crocodiles and Hippopotami that looked quite scary. Fortunately, we had been accompanied by heavily armed rangers and experienced tour guides.
I also learnt that the national reserve hosts Grant’s gazelles, roan antelopes, impalas, Masai giraffes, duikers, Coke’s hartebeests and other animal species.

Ron Virmani had informed me that The Mara is also home to 470 different species of birds, although they always migrate depending on seasons. Birds that permanently live there are; vultures, lilac-breasted rollers, marabou stocks, African pygmy falcons, secretary birds, long-crested eagles, hornbills, ostriches and crowned cranes, among others.

Why tourists should consider visiting Masai-Mara National Reserve

The Mara is a great destination for tourists because of many factors. The entry fee is quite affordable to both domestic and foreign tourists. Additionally, there are several tented camps and lodges inside and around the reserve where visitors can comfortably stay for several weeks.

The area is served by roads that are in excellent condition. Telecommunication network is equally great. Tourists can therefore make or receive calls and also have access to the internet during their stay.

I am extremely grateful to Dr Ron A Virmani for encouraging me to visit The Mara because I had a great experience that I’ll probably never forget for the rest of my life.