“There was a naughty boy and a naughty boy was he.

He ran away to Scotland the people there to see”-John Keats

What can I say about myself?

Well, I do this and that and that this

I go here and there and there and here

I look up and down, left and right

I write songs of love and poems of Peace

I talk of the past, present and the future

I ask questions,’ How’ and ‘Why’ and also ‘Where’ and ‘When’

I propagate a Three Day Week

Two people share the job of one

And I believe, all will be fine

Some think, I am wise, others otherwise.

I like Masala Dosa and filter Coffee

Also Baadam Halwa and Paani Poori .

I eat when Hungry and go to sleep when tired.

I never complain of life’s miseries

I try to be a peddler of Joy and Merchant of Happiness

That is to say, I want all the people I meet to be Happy.

I may be right and at times I may be wrong.

But of this I am certain: I never make anyone feel small.

— V.S.Venkatavaradan

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