“An essential part of Happiness is not to have atleast something you want to have” — Bertrand Russell

Decades ago I saw Taj Mahal in Moonlight

Though it was minimal illuminated it was enchantingly stunning

Then I had a Candlelit dinner with the sweetheart

Dim lighting, yet quite romantic with gentle music delightfully floating.

Minimalism has nothing to do with Socialism or Capitalism

There was this man who had just two pairs of dress

And was Happy as Happiness could be!

Then there was this gorgeous princely woman

With over a hundred pairs of shoes inlaid with gold and diamonds

I was told she was quite sorrowful as sorrowful could be!

If you are asked to give a speech for 20minutes and if you can

Finish it in 15 minutes you are minimalist.

A Minimalist stops when the audience wants more!

(As an orator said, “I can give a talk for an hour with ease. But to give a talk in ten minutes I have to work for tens of hours or more”)

When you get upset, to remain silent is Minimalism

“It is not how much you have, but how much you enjoy, that is what matters”

Minimalism is taking care of little things

And as they say, “If you take care of little things the big things will take care of themselves

To smile requires minimal muscles, to be grumpy takes a lot more.

To do the essential things is minimalism

And the Essential thing is to be Happy and make others happy

Reduce wants, minimize waste

Listen more and speak less.

To do things when they are easy is minimalism

To do nothing when nothing is to be done again is Minimalism

And this poem I will make it minimalism by quoting a Chinese poet:

“I am not worried I don’t have many rooms in my house

Nor I worry that I do not have many horses

You can sleep only in one room

And you can ride only one horse”

— V.S.Venkatavaradan

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