The Music of the Atom

“The man that has no music in himself is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils”
 — Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice

“Music has charms to sooth a savage breast, to soften rocks or bend a knotted oak” 
— W. Congreve

As I sauntered along humming a song familiar
There came a band of street singers, colourful, young and old
Led by a Heavenly beauty, the Prima donna
With a multitude of Instruments big and small
Harps, cymbals, flutes and drums,
A baritone there and a soprano here.
Sweet, charming, graceful and even voluptuous
Bringing out immense joy and goodness around.
Girls and boys laughed and danced along.

In rapture I stood still as the troop passed by
The music faded, yet lingered on for long
Triggering in me some strange musical thoughts.

It is this: Albert Einstein, grandfather of the Atom Bomb, played violin with ease.
Bobby Oppenheimer, father of the Bomb recited Bhagvath Gita
When the first Bomb exploded:
”Like the brightness of a thousand Suns suddenly burst forth…”
Father of India’s Atom Bomb, Raja Ramanna, was a Piano maestro
Who could stun an audience both with his Atomic Physics and musical melodies.
Abdul Kalam, gentle genius, who fires Nuclear Capable missiles,
Loves to Play Veena in all its grandeur.

Andrei Sakharov, father of Hydrogen Bomb, loves Tchaikovsky’s ballet music.
Adolf Hitler who wanted to make the Bomb, but couldn’t make it,
Used to be fascinated by Wagner’s dramatic music.

No one can see the Atom nor hear its throbbing rhythms,
The music of the Atom is soft and subdued.
The Atomic reactor is a symphony of Fuel, Moderator, coolant and control rods.
The atom Bomb, bereft of control, reaches a crescendo in a second!
How could music which could sooth a savage breast and soften rocks
Shatter cities in a single blast?