Now and Then

“Ponaal varaadhe idhupole kaalam ini…”
 — an old Tamil Cine song.

Now and Then I used to worry about This and That
Then came a pretty girl full of mirth and laughter into my life
Now it is all fun and frolic all day, all the way.
She taught me the tenet,”Everything happens Now”.

Now it rains, Now it is sunshine
Now it is calm, Now comes the storm
Now a child is born with cell phone in her palm
Now someone crosses the lane using the phone.

Now I think of Kabir’s Doha
“What you want to do tomorrow do it today
What you want to do today do it Now”
Now I add, “Before Now becomes Then, let us do all the good we can”

Smile Now, Then the world will smile with you
Sing Now, Then a dear one will dance to your tune.
Give Now, Then you will receives more, for certain.
Enjoy now, and then there will be new New’s to enjoy even more!

Now it is time to end the Poem
Everything will pass to end for sure.
But then, Now will remain new and fresh well beyond Eternity!
Now then, what do you think of it?