Early Detection Disaster

How the rush to diagnose and treat prostate cancer devastated the lives of millions of men

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A Runaway Mistake

In 1970, Dr. Richard J. Albin, PhD, was a researcher at The State University of New York College at Buffalo. He was attempting to discover an antigen (protein) that was specific to prostate cancer that could be used in diagnosing the condition.

Loss and Profit

Considering the fact that the PSA is wrong 80% of the time, and that approximately 30 million men (4) each year for the last 22 years have had the test, the number of men who have had their lives ruined is staggering.

The Turning Tide

It’s no surprise that the mainstream media has been largely silent on this crucial healthcare development. Even with the release of his book in 2014, the press wasn’t exactly knocking down Albin’s door.

Awareness Agencies Weigh In

Meanwhile, some major health organizations are choosing a less decisive position, even in light of the overwhelming evidence. The American Cancer Society now urges “more caution” when pursuing the PSA screening. The American Urological Association does not recommend PSA screenings for men younger than 54.

Watch and Wait

My recommendation is to watch and wait. Because prostate cancer is so slow-growing, most men will live happy lives and never die of the disease. In the meantime, we can use other, non-invasive, forms of treatment. If the cancer changes in anyway, we can address those issues when the time comes. This is the wisest and most humane approach, especially since American men have only a 16% chance of developing prostate cancer over their lifetime and just a 3% chance of actually dying from it. (10)

Written by

Dr. Habib Sadeghi is the founder of Be Hive of Healing, an integrative medical center based in Los Angeles, and author of The Clarity Cleanse.

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