The Power of Spring

How Nature’s Beauty, Growth, and Rejuvenation is Mirrored Within Ourselves

Dr. Habib Sadeghi
Jul 19, 2019 · 4 min read
MegaZEN Vol. 1

In the midst of the glory of springtime, it’s easy to immerse our senses in the beauty of the season without fully realizing what it is that creates all this rejuvenation and renewal.

It seems virtually impossible that the power to change our entire world through these glorious colors, sights, sounds and aromas could be contained in something so small and inconspicuous as a seed.

And yet, it is. The power to change the face of the earth is inside the seed. Contrary to its humble appearance, the transformative energy inside the seed is limitless.

It’s been said that it’s easy to count the seeds in an apple, but impossible to count the apples in a seed.

Until it makes it into the ground where it can sprout, every seed is in survival mode: on the defensive. To avoid being eaten by predators, all seeds are coated by enzyme inhibitors and a very powerful anti-nutrient called phytic acid. The enzyme inhibitors block the body’s digestive system from breaking the seed down, while the phytic acid binds to vitamins and minerals like calcium, zinc and niacin, preventing the absorption of these vital nutrients.

(Incidentally, this is why so many people have difficulty digesting grain products: Grains are the seeds of grass, whether wheat, barley, oat, rye, etc.)

With such a formidable defense system, it seems impossible that the seed’s toxic armor could be completely neutralized by something as simple as water, but it can.

Soaking all seeds, nuts and grains overnight in water supports them in releasing their protective toxins by creating an environment in which it is safe for them to do so: one that is dark and damp, similar to being underground. After several hours, they release their toxic coatings, allowing the life within to sprout anew. Not only does this water bath make them more digestible, but it makes all their nutrients are available to us, as well.

Water is truly one of the most powerful solvents known to man. It has its own unique way of getting inside something, breaking it down, reorganizing it and creating something completely new.

Solvents can be powerful, active agents for change.

Over time, water can break down stone to create something as magnificent as the Grand Canyon. It can even wear away the rough edges of granite, making it as smooth as glass. That is the power of water.

Well, spring is my favorite time of year because water, in the form of rain, is transforming every shrub, tree, flower and blade of grass. The miracle of spring, however, goes beyond just the beauty we see. It lies in the fact that these plants can thrive even while the water in the soaked soil is attempting to use its solvent power to break down their root structures at the cellular level.

Not only do plants defy this destructive process, but it’s essential for their growth. The same solvent power that’s trying to break their bodies down is also the force that dissolves essential minerals in the soil and feeds them. Plants have learned how to use this seemingly destructive force for their own regeneration. In fact, they couldn’t survive without it.

We, too, are like the plants that give our planet so much beauty.

Like the seed, we cover ourselves in our own toxic growth inhibitors.

They’re our misinterpretations, misidentifications and misunderstandings about ourselves that we use as our own survival mechanisms. Like the tiny seed, we have no idea of the boundless potential for growth and beauty inside each of us, if we’d only permit our defensive shell to dissolve.

In order to allow our spirit to sprout into a new way of being, we have to release the toxins that bind the new life inside of us.

How do we do that?

We take a lesson from the seed and immerse ourselves in the water of Spirit: self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.

The sprouting, growing and rooting all take care of themselves.

Likewise, when we can be IN a state of love, forgiveness and acceptance in our daily lives, our toxic inhibitors will dissolve away and our inner potential for transformation will be released. When we can be IN our loving throughout all our daily actions, thoughts and words, our Spirits will take root in a new consciousness.

If we can do this, we will grow into a beautiful new creation, born of our own tiny seed of faith.

Situations that might seem harmful to us can feed us as well—if we recognize the nourishing power within them and use it for our own regeneration.

Dr. Sadeghi is the founder of Be Hive of Healing, an integrative medical center, publisher of MegaZEN Wellbeing Journal, and the author of The Clarity Cleanse.

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