Your Body, Your Sexuality, Your Choice

Women’s issues are on the forefront of change around the globe, which is very exciting!

We are confronting establishments and ideals and taking a stand for our bodies.

Yet on a micro-level, in my field of work around the psycho-sexual nature of women, there’s evidence the same revolution is needed.

I’ve been witnessing doctors making uncontested, unsubstantiated claims and self-proclaimed “Jade Egg/Yoni Egg” teachers saying equally unsubstantiated new-age miracle cures.

Yet what this is about isn’t the Jade Egg, it’s how these women empowerment leaders are failing to lead.

Rather, they prefer to lie, slander and shame one another and any women in the line of fire, which degrades the profundity of this life-transforming practice.

What’s even more screamingly obvious, is that the unspoken issue here (and globally) is actually about you: Your power. Your freedom. Your sovereignty.

Social conditioning has made it so that we blindly defer our power to anyone of ‘authority’, so the sooner we realize that we project our own power and radiance onto leaders, the sooner we can reclaim ourselves and start behaving as sovereign women.

If we do not come forward and claim our own sacred ground — our body — someone else will predetermine how it is for us.

We are constantly shamed and bullied into surgeries, prescriptions, procedures, and so-called empowerment trainings.

We believe it when we are told we are not good enough, complete enough, woman enough, sexy enough, Feminine enough, orgasmic enough… in short, we are not okay as we are right now.

And the solution to fix our imperfect selves is that we must do ‘this’ and ‘that’ to finally be able to meet this imaginary standard of perfection that someone else has set.


I don’t think so.

The only way I know to transform the suppression of our greatness is to come home to ourselves.

Right now.

Right now, choose you.

DARE to be yourself, to love yourself, to listen to yourself, and to actually enjoy who you naturally are.

It’s not empowering to NEED someone (doctor, teacher, guru, etc).

It’s not empowerment if a practice or philosophy creates more self-doubt, depression, less-than, broken, wrong, etc

The madness must end and we’re the ones that can end it.

No one has the RIGHT to determine what happens to your sex. PERIOD.

Your sexuality, your genitals… it’s your sovereign space.

You don’t need surgeries, you don’t need special vagina tricks, you just need YOU.

So what will it be, what everyone else wants you to be or what you choose to live for yourself?

If any of this has rung true for you, please share this and leave me your comments below. You matter. Your story matters.