VR Hardware + Existing Gaming Software

What I need from this current Virtual Reality (VR) craze.

I was around during the last VR craze.

It was underwhelming at best and we were all waiting around for VR to mature and then…..it went away. OK that’s not true it didn’t go away but it stopped being front page news.

Enter Higher resolution small screens and now fairly cheap VR hardware (goggles etc).

Games are fantastic. I am a gamer and I love it. Please don’t misunderstand this request. But what I need is far more mundane but to me much more useful.

For those who have seen The Matrix or maybe read Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One (fyi this is read by Wil Wheaton on audible.com) and tons of other cyberpunk/scifi media over the years such as Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash there is an idea or thought that exists in all of them. A virtual space owned by a person.

In the Matrix its “The Construct” a virtual space of endless featureless white that they can “load” scenarios or gear into to prep it to be pushed/hacked into the Matrix. What I need is similar. I need that Virtual Space with the tools and applications hooked in so that I can create whatever I want in that space and kit it out with whatever I want.


I can think of lots of reasons that lots of people would want this. However for me I want a customize-able room or series of rooms. At my physical home I want a desktop/laptop and a very clean desk. Inside my VR Space I want an expansive office with corkboards and wipeboards and tv screens. I want to make ready rooms for work on a particular subject. Inside that virtual space I should be able to use software I own such as word processors, spreadsheets etc. Mundane things but I should be able to port them into …anything from old parchment scrolls that I hold in my hands or high tech floating transparent screens alla Minority report.

What I am talking about combines a nice editable environment. I need the ease of Minecraft combined with textures and mods and custom design such that you can find in Sketchup. Then layer on top of that hooks that I can plug in applications and mods. They can be micro transactions or open source community. I don’t care.

If I want to spend hours building a spaceship in my virtual space and then adding in functionality either coded by myself or added in via purchases. I should be able to. And I need bots.

Yes I need to be able to create ….well from my gamer vocabulary it would be my own personal NPCs. And be able to make them talk…read content….or perform functions in VR space. Like take dictation notes or what have you.

Now….the hard part. Take all those MMOs out there and connect my space to other people’s spaces with a town or a street. I should be able to invite other people into my space and visit others based on some set of permissions. Perhaps even create lobbies that friends can enter a front “room” and leave messages etc.

I could go on for hours about ideas. I have been imagining this and reading about things close to it for years. This is what I need from VR development. Please I will throw my wallet at you to have this and I will run out and buy hardware to access it. Please make this happen.