Communication: Important for sustaining relationships

Every relationship goes through some ups and downs with quarrels on little things becoming a common phenomenon. But this surely isn’t what you aspired for while forming the long lasting bond. Hence solving the problems and issues that crop up is always a better option than hampering the relationships. For this, you first need to know what the root cause of the problems is. Once you are aware of it; half the task is done!

Dr. Sanjoy Mukerji

I come across several couples encountering such issues and the major reason leading to it is poor communication. And how could one deny this being the reason, when other activities like checking messages, watching TV or flipping through sports section seems more important than your partner. There is a dire need to address the communication gap before it’s too late. Below are some strategies to solve communication problems:

  • Make time for each other: When you get some personal time, make sure that neither mobile nor any other thing distracts you.
  • Keep your tone low: Raising voice escalates even a trivial issue. Hence, make sure to give attention towards addressing the concern by putting forth your views in a subtle manner so that you don’t end up cropping another quarrel.
  • Go with the rules: Never interrupt when your partner is indulged in some activity. Similarly when in communication with your partner, make sure not to be distractedtowards some other work; give proper attention to their each word.

Use body language to show you’re listening: Don’t doodle, look at your watch, or pick at your nails. You need to communicate via gestures that you are listening and are not bored of it. Nod so the other person knows you’re getting the message.