“Therapy” for a change in perspective

Shakespeare said “there is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” In similar sense what we see doesn’t make much of a difference as how we see it does. Hence, it’s the perspective that brings forth the influence. The perspective alters greatly based upon the personality of an individual. Hence, the same situation or circumstance might be viewed very differently by two individuals for the fact that their personality traits highly vary from each other. Introverts see life way differently than extroverts. Pessimists and optimists highly vary on their take on life. If you have a leaning toward depression, your sense of life takes on that gray sheen. If you are somewhat anxious, everything revs at a slightly higher speed.

Many a times these perspectives keep us from viewing life and its situations, the way we should. Here the role of a therapist comes into play. Therapists are not magicians but what they do is not less than magic either. Therapists seek to help you in shifting perspective so that you can see the world more accurately and therefore lead a more effective life for there is room for tweaking.

A glass half filled with water might seem half empty to some while half filled to others. It’s all about your approach towards life and situations. If a relative change can be brought in this basic approach to life, the big difference could be witnessed. And then all other surface level changes that you bring to life would only help you become a better version of yourself.

A cognitive behavioral therapy helps correct the misconceptions that exist in mind. For eg. If you have a basic distortion like “nothing ever works out for me,” then your intentions of investment won’t be backed by the confidence to succeed whereas if you develop the view that sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t, you are likely to try harder and with a more hopeful attitude. Just that shift can change a lot!