My introduction to casteism, my marriage

I gave few readings of this interestingly, guiding piece that makes huge sense in this contemporary Indian caste system that takes a huge sheen out of human values and equality. Firstly, I need to appreciate you both couple and salute you, for being so bold, determined and forthright to go ahead with your wedlock, lead a happy life; despite the elders being not receptive and fully in agreement with your tie up. Our society never changed, it will never in future too, I mean totally for good, for ever. This black monster continues to prevail and hang on the society like a Democle’s sword. But, now you both are to your self, you don’t owe to any, nor accountable. None has any rights to question you both. I wish you best of luck. Your post is an eye opener indeed. Lastly, the Chidambaram incident is yet another instance of continued oppression that I condemn. Good luck. Regards- Dr Rao.