The pressure on SNFs or Skilled Nursing Facilities is real. As the CMS pushes aggressively, the hospitals are bound to introduce value-based healthcare programs for reducing costs and readmissions.

Sustainable healthcare has become the latest buzz for mostly good reasons. While hospitals and SNFs take it seriously, patients receive ultimate healthcare benefits. How this has become possible? Dr. Scott Rifkin Maryland — a healthcare innovator — has the perfect answer. He introduced the RTMS or Real-time Medical System with Interventional Analytics Software Platform for healthcare providers.

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Unlike static data, real-time feeds, live alerts and data for healthcare workers. It helps maintain the post-discharge continuum with proper healthcare facilities to the patients. A person receiving care at home after discharge may face some recurring conditions. This may lead to adverse conditions too. With the help of real-time feeds, one can assess live alerts and provide preventive treatment. …

Instead of treating symptomatic conditions, a healthcare system must work hard to remove a disease from its roots. This helps in reducing readmissions and costs & improves the quality of treatment.

Pretentious treatment never helped and it won’t. People spending a lot of time in health care facilities may lose enough time and finances for no good. Dr. Scott Rifkin — A Seasoned Physician, Entrepreneur, and Healthcare Innovator — has an excellent perspective of utilizing analytics for interoperability and care collaboration in healthcare systems.

He, Dr. Rifkin, introduced Real Time Medical Systems for medical data-mining. RTMS invigorated fresh energy and enthusiasm in skilled nursing teams to enhance collaborative care of patients, which further helped in reducing surge in readmissions, control costs of care, and improving quality of care. Since post-hospital discharge came under direct line of sight with the help of RTMS, these possibilities came in favor. …


Scott Rifkin

A recognized entrepreneur and innovator in healthcare, Scott Rifkin, MD, has more than 25 years of experience as a physician and healthcare executive.

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