The Power of Your Circle: A Thought to Ponder (when words don’t matter)

I have been writing, procrastinating, pondering and reflecting on this topic for months and just could not find the words to say. I now realize that maybe it was never about finding the right words to finalize this post but more about reflecting on what led me to write it and allowing it to truly speak to my spirit versus seeing it as another post completed and posted. I thank God that just when you may think that the word that he has given you is for somebody else, it is that small still voice that says “My child, this is for you too.” It is not always about the words, sometimes it is just simply about the #MESSage. Let every word you speak not just encourage others but allow it to encourage you as well. Be Blessed.

“So Joshua fought the Amalekites as Moses had ordered, and Moses, Aaron and Hur went to the top of the hill. As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning. When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up — one on one side, one on the other — so that his hands remained steady till sunset. So Joshua overcame the Amalekite army with the sword.” Exodus 17: 10–13

The Power of Your Circle: A Thought to Ponder

As I came across this scripture, I was fascinated at how God gave Moses power over his enemies. As long as his hands were lifted, the Israelites were winning the war, but as soon as he lowered his hands they began to lose the battle. When Moses began to grow tired, Aaron and Hur placed a stone under him to sit down and they lifted up his hands, standing on each side of him.

When you find yourselves growing weary, when you are in the heat of battle in your life, when you feel like you are losing the wars in your life, how powerful is your circle? Are they holding you up and helping you to prevail or are they contributing to your defeat?

As I pondered further meaning behind this scripture, two things came to mind, the stone and uplifted hands.

The Stone

Just as the stone was placed under Moses to allow him to rest upon, what are the people in your circle undergirding you with? Are they helping you to stay grounded and remain in the place that you were called to be? Are they helping to create balance in your life or are they constantly taking from you and asking of you without reciprocating? Are they helping you to win the war or are they disappearing waiting for you to win and benefiting from your efforts? Now in no way am I saying that your circle is completely responsible for how far you go. In no way am I saying that it is your circle’s sole responsibility to hold your hand and in no way am I saying that you as an individual are not accountable for your life. However, I am saying that if you are going to have people that roll with you, YOU HAVE TO BE MORE AWARE OF THE ROLE THAT THEY PLAY. You have to be aware of what they are doing when you’re in the heat of battle.

Uplifted Hands

The power of uplifted hands is important.

If we learn to lift our hands during the heat of battle by praising God in the midst of our circumstances, how many battles could we win? How many times could we defeat the enemy versus allowing the situation to defeat us? While the devil may send attacks in our lives and while God may allow things to happen in our lives, God also equips us with everything that we need to win the war that we are in. The power was in Moses hands and the outcome of the war depended on what he did with what he had.

We complain that we want to be debt free but… ARE WE managing our money correctly?

We say that we want to be wealthy but… ARE WE using the gifts that God gave us to generate the wealth?

We say that we want better relationships but… ARE WE willing to compromise?

We say that we want love but… ARE WE willing to give it?

We say that we want forgiveness but…ARE WE willing to forgive?

If we look at a lot of the things that we want and do not have, we must sometimes stop and ask ourselves, “WHY DON’T WE HAVE IT YET?” ARE WE truly using what God has put in us to attract what we want around us? If God put the power in Moses hands to win the war, has he not equipped us in the same manner?

Have a Blessed and Prosperous 2018.

-Dr. E. (dr shameka L EdwArDS™)

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