What are antioxidants you ask? Is it another fad diet? Another conspiracy theory of a natural practitioner? Or is there a strong link between a solid health and antioxidants?

Our body deals with free radicals all around us on a daily basis! From everyday pollution, cigarette smoke, sun exposure and a list that goes a mile long, our body is constantly trying to fight these free radicals to ensure it maintains homeostasis, which is another word for balance. Free radicals in the human body are formed when oxygen, life’s dependency, enters Into the human body, it is then meant to be carried into cells via the bloodstream and then converted into carbon dioxide and leaves the body! Sometimes a tiny amount is not converted properly and an oxygen molecule has a free electron or known as a free radical. These same free radicals can then damage any cell in the human body, start health problems like heart diseases, speed up the ageing process or even cause cancer.

So now that we know what free radicals are and can do to the human body. Let’s talk about antioxidants. Antioxidants stops/lessens these oxidation process. It ensures that the body continually maintains that balance so that it essentially isn’t fighting itself! There are two main ways we can get antioxidants into our body, one being chemically induced and the second being from whole foods or natural supplements.

I’m going to touch on the natural way to do this! In my household we have made one rule and that’s “do everything naturally or from food base ingredients”, when needed, we supplement on things to BOOST us up and not fix anything! This way we don’t become dependant on anything, trying to ignore our health till there’s nothing to do but band aid or fix it! So berries are my first choice, I have a berry dairy free smoothie as often as I can, in it are fresh berries, almond milk and sometimes a handful of chia seeds, goji berry and raw cacao if I’m feeling like something sweet. We incorporate antioxidants based foods like cilantro and kidney beans as often as we can to keep that balance.

HOWEVER summer creeps in to our lives and it gets harder to keep that balance with harsh sun exposure (esp in NZ), the “summer diet” for most people, the constant over activities and sometimes the part where allergies are so high during this season! There’s either hayfever irritating us or sinus blockages that prevent us from now being at homeostasis! This is the instance where we supplement! It’s a lot harder to eat the necessary amount to counteract this! One good product is strongly recommend that has helped me this year has been Blackcurrant Skin Extracts by Kiwi Superfoods! Blackcurrant is famously known for its high antioxidant content. Why? Well anthocyanins which give Blackcurrant its strong, dark and rich colour are high in antioxidants! Alongside this ingredient is a dose of vitamin C that keeps our immune system constantly at the utmost high. This means the moment there are allergens or foreign particles that enter into the body, we are ready to fight it instantly!

This product is ethically grown by New Zealand’s own which makes it even better as I love supporting our very own people! I strongly recommend jumping online to their website on https://kiwisfs.com/pages/about-us and have a look at the products they have. I’ve tried it myself for a few months now, have seen changes in my health, an increase in good “allergy free” days and less sneezing fits in the morning! That’s just a few of the health benefits I’ve seen firsthand, imagine what it could do for you!

Remember health is gold, to me its everything, I know I’d be scrambling around doing anything if I lost it, which is why I look after it so well to avoid being in that position!