Who am I???

Imagine a professional dancer with an endless future ahead. One wrong move and it all came crashing down. Hi, my name is Shannon and this is my story. I grew up wanting to make it in the dance industry, I worked hard training as a dancer, I competed, so much sweat, tears and blood went into EVERY performance. All it took was one, ONE wrong move from someone else and I was debunked to a bed full of passion but no hope. Medicine said “fuse her back”, at the age of 15, that would have ruined my life, People said “load her up with morphine”, that wasn’t going to solve the problem.Then my best friend said “ My Chiropractor will help you”, what a load of quack was my first thought, at a point of desperation, I gave it a go. I had to, I needed some form of hope, some form of possibility, the tiniest bit of faith left in me said “WHY NOT” and then begun my journey. One of the best holistic Chiropractors in NZ — Dr Corey Joyce, got me back on my feet within 6 months of a care plan with an intensive rehabilitation plan. No medication, no surgery and definitely no quackery.

Fast forward 3 years and I was in university to pursue my career in Chiropractic. I always had a passion to change lives with health and what better way than to do it holistically. Now don’t get me wrong, I have the uttermost respect for modern medicine, I believe medical doctors are fabulous in emergencies, surgeons save lives everyday, I just don’t think its sustainable to be on long term medication to band-aid your health issues instead of figuring the root of the problem and solving that.

So here I am, Dr Shannon Ganesan, still that same girl who hasn’t given up on dancing, I just projected my knowledge of the human body, the dynamics of movement, the mechanics of the body into ensuring people are functioning at their optimal potential daily. I want to change the health paradigm of the world, starting with New Zealand. I believe every little step you take in your daily life can change the trajectory of your health by miles.

Here’s to my bestie Esther Mills — The one who introduced me to this world of madness