#FreddieBot and the half marathon – Episode 1

Today I went with #FreddieBot on our first run. Maybe some background.

Just over a week ago I was looking for a running challenge. I run for fun, not very far and not very fast. I was soon sent the entry form for the London half – a charity place for Demelza House – I have run for them before – but 5k! Fundraising page to follow! Having signed up I joined a twitter run chat to get advice on a training plan. Hence the intro to #FreddieBot – this is my made up name for my AI bot through TrainAsONE – thanks to Sean!

Today (after about 6 previous prompts) I finally took #FreddieBot out. I think he was underwhelmed as he thought my Perceived Effort run was a Training (economy) run. The run comprised 2 mins standing still, 10 mins conversation run, 41 mins natural run then finally 2 mins standing still. The standing still was fine.

Soon after uploading my runs, I received an e-mail indicating that my run was identified as a Training (economy) run – so I went into the dashboard and corrected #FreddieBot. It was, of course, my Perceived Effort run (not enough effort or perceived it wrong?).

As I found the whole experience interesting I thought I would record it here. Anticipating that future posts might be a bit more concise. And hoping that over time #FreddieBot and I might become friends – today I am feeling somewhat misunderstood and like we have a very long journey ahead!