Because showing is everything.

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What’s weird about my quarantine relationships?

Let’s start with my wife.

Her love language is ‘selfless service.’

That means I need to proactively look for ways in which to clean up.

Like if I wash the dishes without being asked, that’s like an A+ for the last hour of lockdown.

It surpasses just about everything, including saying, “I love you.”

Show, don’t tell.

Me mopping the floor for 8 minutes is like me giving her an 80-minute deep tissue massage.

You like me with this dustbuster, don’t you?

“Yes, yes I do,” she says.

I’m gonna bust that dust like there’s no tomorrow. …

Human beings are not human doings.

Doing a million things instead of just being.

A human being doing too much instead of a human being just being.

Doing nothing.

Doing nothing is awesome.

Meditation is not “doing nothing.”

It actually takes a lot of something.

A huge commitment.

Showing up every day to meditate.

Putting a sign on your door.

“Dad’s meditating, please come back in 20 minutes.”

I know that meditation works for me.

Reduces my stress.

Improves my concentration.

Benefits my cardiovascular health.

And my immune health.

But most of all it helps me do nothing.

When it’s time to do nothing.

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Being grateful can go viral — even now.

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Health is the result of a series of habits.

We need to turn all of the ways of ‘stopping the spread’ into habits.

We need to stay vigilant.



We need to deal with feeling overwhelmed.

We need to foster gratitude in the face of uncertainty.

Being grateful for the frontline healthcare workers.

Being grateful for the generosity of others.

Being grateful for the kindness of others.

Being grateful for our immune systems.

Being grateful for meditation and yoga.

Grateful for great ways to cultivate calm.

My favorite yoga app Down Dog is free now.

Grateful for ways to decrease anxiety. …


Dr. Steven Eisenberg

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