Life: a dare

There is one aspect of life very clear to me that life is not a question or answer or a quest. It is a dare; It is invitation to Dare.

The place ( here I mean collective mind — set) where I come from everybody is after survival. It is assumed that there is not enough for everybody, so fight for your life, hustle for your breath. First thing first: survive. Also assumed that there are limited ways to survive. Commonest tool used (in my observation) is to get a degree and be hireable. Second is to get into family business or create your way of make money faster as compared to your peers, so no education would equate with more money. You better first make arrangement of bread and butter for yourself and your kin, even if your family hold enough to feed everybody in home for long time. In reality, this survival attitude is not after food or shelter, but for a position in hierarchal system in every part of social life. It is the way people show I am someone, don’t dare to neglect me. If you have degree, I have more money; If you have many degree and more money than me then I have higher caste or I am male or I am white or I am SPIRITUAL. Now this is funny, there is even competition of who is more religious or spiritual.

But when I am awake, I see abundance and magic everywhere. I see no need to fight for anything. Not even for bread and butter. There are enough “opportunity” for all to have food, shelter, clothes and medicine. This might upset people who have dedicated their life to give food to beggars or something like that. They may have belief that there is not enough hence they have to make more arrangement for others. But their presence is enough answer that there is enough, only fair system of distribution is needed. Majority are living life of blindness (Survival mode), very few have tasted the luxury of living life in light. Even the richest (in term of money, power, fame, knowledge) are living for survival. Not daring to live in their own skin. So called Hierarchal position have made them slave to the rat race. I am raise amidst of all this. I have lived like this. In my state of sleep, I tend to fall back on survival mode, even though I have tasted abundance.

The place I came from is strange. I haven’t heard any country who has been abode to many many enlightened being as well as hungry being at the same time than India. It is the way of abundance. Amidst such contrast, there is harmony. it is unfathomable to me.

OSHO was born here. Most of the people missed his message. But his words are still alive. Even in ignorance towards his message, there is acceptance that he knew and we don’t like what he knew. Most of us are aware that there is something precious than living in so called Hierarchal mindset. We have been exposed to the living of greater height. We have witnessed the beauty of living beyond the way of society works. Everyone has got that sense though our DNA. Imagine a man who has sight but he is being paid to act blind. He knows he can open his eye and begin watching, he is dying to do it, but he is afraid he might lose his job. He assume everybody else is really blind, hence he goes on talking about what would have happened if we had sight. All talks, nobody dares to open eye and see that he has everything already. We have settled for talking, knowing perfectly well that we can see too. It is living of ghost. Half here, half there. It is not peaceful place to be. In such state of puzzled mind, people seek peace from other people. So called teachers pretend they know more hence they start “teaching”. In fact they are wearing same shoe as others. There are religious teachers in India on every corner. In India, you ask or not, somebody will be ready to teach you something. Everybody is guru to somebody. Sighted blind are teaching each other.

Since childhood, I have been given endless teaching session on life. Luckily born into the Buddhist tradition saved me whole lot of drama of teaching. Buddha said very clearly, Atta — Dipa — Bhav, be light upon yourself. He utterly symbolised answered living. He said he can give direction, not destination. I was introduced to meditation since early age. Knew vaguely I will have to work, nothing readymade is coming my way. Then books, videos, podcast came into the life. Again, search for readymade answers began. I know now, I assumed (subtly) that teaching (from the sighted one) that fits well in my secured state of mind at that moment will open the gate into me. But it is painfully untrue. In reality all those teaching made me realise one thing: there is nothing like “Knowing” the answer in existence, there is only “Being” the answers. All those written and spoken words were simply PUSH towards this realization, nothing else.

Nobody could possibly teach anybody. Nobody could give anybody right answers. Not even Buddha. Real teacher only force you to open eye and see the answer. Teacher pushes you far enough till you develop guts to walk on your own, step by step, answer will appear. Whenever, I am looking for answer, first instinct arises is to ask somebody what do you think is right. And there are hundreds waiting to provide the most correct one. But it is the same, replacing “being” with “knowing”, which is like marry-go-a-round. If you listen to the borrowed “correct” answer, you will find yourself at same question in different costume very soon. There are people who would disagree here with me. For them, teacher and teaching is ultimate answer. I get it. I was there too. And in sleep mode, you MAY find me there too. But when I am full of light, being is everything for me. Trying on the tips and tools is different than believing readymade conclusion out of it.

I choose to be answer on my own, by going into question. Trusting more on my guts and universal whispers than any of the teaching available. I am no longer disciple of any particular teacher or teaching. I am disciple of Light.

I am done with teachers and teaching.

I choose to dare.

I choose to follow light.

I choose the hard way but the only way.


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