Bad Design-Bucknell

For my example of Bad Design on Bucknell’s web services, I choose to examine Banner Web. One of the first thoughts I have about Banner Web, is that it is just a bunch of jumbled up links with vague names, that will hopefully lead to where you need to go.

If a student wants to navigate to their schedule from here, they will presumably know to click on Student Information, which is relatively straight-forward.

When the student arrives here, just by looking at the large names, it is difficult to discern which link to click next when looking for the schedule. Obviously, in the small print, “View schedule” can be seen, but still another link must be followed.

When the user finally arrives to this page, they can see where the student schedule is, and all of the different options for how they can view their schedule.

In today’s world, people are impatient and do not want to click the next link to be redirected to another page, only to be faced with more links. A better design for this might involve hovering over the link in order to open more links, so that the student can navigate to where they need to go more quickly, and efficiently. At the moment Banner Web is definitely usable for students; however, students do not want to use it. In the modern tech world, where everything revolves around good design, Banner Web just doesn’t make the cut.

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