Good Design-Bucknell

The best example of good design I’ve been able to find here at Bucknell, is the L&IT network’s knowledge base, As a Tech Desk employee, I get to use this on a very regular basis, and am always pleased with the results.

The page is very to the point, allowing the user to search for whatever problem they may be having, as well as showing some library and technology articles, along with frequently read articles.

As seen above, there are many options for autocompleting when searching for a specific problem. One common problem users deal with is safeconnect, and here we can see many common searches involving that.

Here we can see that after searching for safeconnect, there is a short description of many articles, as well as more popular searches and recent posts. This makes for finding the correct article to help with whatever tech problem the user may have very easy to do. It is also worth noting that because this website is used to help those who may not be as savvy with technology, it is very user friendly. Navigating the website and going page to page is just as easy as using google, but for tech support!

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