“When will I ever use this?”

Everyday, students all over the world go to their respective universities, sit down, and listen to a lecture they don’t care about. Are these just bad students that don’t want to do any of their work? No. They are students that can see how annoying gen ed requirements are. They are future engineers or architects that don’t have a use for Bach to Rock. How’s a musical history/ analysis going to be useful to most people at all? Does it improve my potential for crosswords?

It’s a waste of money. A lot of freshman year is typically spent on gen ed. While maybe a couple of these classes are important for one’s major, hundreds and hundreds more are going to take Bach to Rock, Sociology, and Psychology. Throughout these courses the biggest thing I’ve learned is how to spell the names of the classes. I’m not worried about picking up all the information thrown my way however, because it just doesn’t matter for me. We spend a lot of high school taking classes that don’t matter just to look competent to colleges and our parents. College is the time to knock that off and focus on learning things applicable towards a future career. I don’t know if they do it for extra money, or if it’s to make a more “well-rounded” student;all I know is that classical Mozart is not putting me any closer towards having a career.