Safe and Effective Tooth Whitening Solutions

Tariq Drabu is the owner of Langley Dental Practice, a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon who was born and educated in Manchester. He advised that there is a serious concern among the dental profession when it comes to tooth whitening.

The demand for tooth whitening is growing daily with more adults choosing to lighten their tooth colour to improve their smile and their confidence. Tooth whitening is effective for discoloured or yellowed teeth. The one thing Tariq Drabu did want to point out is that tooth whitening does not make teeth brilliant white, what it does do is lighten the tooth colour by a few shades.


Tariq Drabu also wanted to highlight the risks associated with purchasing illegal tooth whitening kits off the internet. So many people don’t realise that the products they are buying are not endorsed or even safe. Thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom purchase tooth whitening kits online, all of them putting their oral health at risk. Some of the risks involved in using a kit which is not provided by a registered dentist can leave you with scarring and in extreme cases, tooth loss.

Treatment Options

Tariq Drabu and the team at Langley Dental Practice provides patients with two affordable tooth whitening solutions. Both are highly effective and safe. The first option is delivered chair side by the dentist. The treatment is quick and highly effective, providing instant results.

The second solution on offer is a kit that you do at home over a couple of weeks. With this particular treatment the dentist makes a mould to fit your mouth. Each mould is unique, this is to ensure the best fit during the whitening treatment. The dentist will the provide the patient with a whitening gel and set instructions.

The patient will carry out the treatment under the watchful eye of the dentist. This is a slower process, but offers a great end result. Tariq Drabu also mentioned that patients that choose the faster chair side treatment are recommended to continue with the kit when they get home, as the kit does provide a longer term result.