with their parents to know the ability and capability of the child and his progress in learning.
Yes.. there are ways that technology can be effectively utilised by the teachers to have better…


Yes, I know about this. I currently use services such as Google Classroom and Edsby for PT communication. BUT, are there any solutions that can be used directly in the classroom by teachers & students that can integrate tech such as laptops, tablets, and phones into the classroom. I have used services such as Edmodo & Schoology for quizzing but they make it very easy to cheat and don’t properly assess a child’s learning. There’s no way to properly restrict kids to learning and stop distractions. The only viable thing that I can see as of now is the new Apple Education for iPad in iOS 9.3 which allows teachers to lock kids to apps and monitor them from their iPad – kind of like Apple Remote Desktop for iPads. The main issue is a BYOD environment where you have no control over students’ devices and can’t monitor them. In a high school environment, where students are supposed to be using their own devices for note taking, the teacher can’t tell whether they’re watching Netflix or playing games. Even a blocking tool such as OpenDNS (which strictly blocks domains and not IPs) or FortiNet FortiGuard aren’t effective against OpenVPN protocol (since it can’t be detected), unless you block every single IP of every VPN service out there which is just not realistic.

Any suggestions?