Now Venus and Jupiter together

Enjoy this beautiful time

On the 1 September 2018 Venus moved into its own strong sign of Libra and joined with Jupiter, where it will transit till 10 October 2018. As the month progresses, Venus will get closer to Jupiter which will increase artistry, design and creative energy, in particular. This transit fresh new starts, new projects, independence, freedom, exchange of ideas and travel. It’s an excellent time for returning to school and advancing educational desires.

Venus and Jupiter are both benefic planets, meaning that they confer sweet, generous, optimistic and pleasurable energy. When together, this planetary combination gives a sense of happiness, abundance, gain and growth. Libra is the sign governing relationships, negotiations, mediation and legal matters. It is an excellent month for promoting all types of relationship and partnership activities, marriage, business negotiations, mediation and dealing with legal matters. There is a greater sense of balance, openness, willingness to join with others, a desire to reduce arguments/conflicts and to create harmony while giving others the benefit of the doubt. The desire to work together for the greater good and to help each other is in the air. It’s an excellent time for dating, meeting new people, networking and socializing.

On the other hand, it is also a month where people are likely to indulge more than normal on all levels, eat too much, over-spend, and emphasize luxury and pleasure over everything else. It will be hard to resist the temptation to enjoy life’s pleasures this month. If you wish to check your horoscope, feel free to send a note to:

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