Hi, my name is Matt Pakes and I’m a product manager at Facebook, responsible for video products.
Matt Pakes

Matt, in terms of your answer to the precise (and many times repeated) questions at hand… you’re a lying two-faced sack of shit spouting the corporate line, which is extraordinarily cynical even by modern internet standards. But hey, that’s not news; it’s your job, you keep sitting on your ass paying lip-service to ‘making things right’ while your bonus grows; keep it up, and enjoy your FB stock options. Youtube started off as content-stealing assholes but they’ve made a convincing effort to turn themselves into something that supports an ecosystem — the ‘long view’.
Facebook is *so* obviously obsessed with being a black hole of content, sucking in anything that gets eyeballs in the pursuit of advertising dollars — so fucking lame. Your role won’t be forgotten Matt, and yeah I know you were just following orders….

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